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If you want to be a billionaire, find a business that saves a billion lives.

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“One Dollar per TB Smear Campaign”

We are looking for NGOs to collaborate with our “One Dollar per TB Smear” Campaign.

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Established in June 2016, Wellgen Medical Co., Ltd. has team members from academic, business, medical and technological fields. We have professional background, management expertise, and great execution. We focus on identification and analysis of medical microscopic images for disease detections. Using our revolutionary automated microscope, we are able to scan microscopic images at client side and analyze on the server by cloud computing using our artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm and big data analysis. Our automated microscope system and cloud computing service can improve diagnostic sensitivity and clinical outcome.


if you want to be a billionaire, find a business that saves a billion lives


Smart Medical Microscope

Smart Medical Microscope is an automated microscope for smear scanning in order to improve laboratory detection accuracy and cost-effectiveness.



Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis

Our system can be customized and tuned to accept the intra- and inter-laboratory variations in staining methodology (Ziel Neilson or Modified Kinyoun) and staining technics (manual or automatic). The analysis software can be further updated in real time via cloud computing to improve the detection accuracy.

「No matter how difficult it is, we will always be optimistic when we think of why we decided to join the startup in the very beginning」




-Wellgen Medical Co-founder Evelyn Huang

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2F., No123, Qixian 3rd Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 80341, Taiwan (R.O.C)


+886 7 5217098

+886 7 5210576


+886 7 5210576

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